Linda Fuller
Linda Fuller

Linda has worked for the Engineering Development Trust (EDT), an educational charity based in the UK, for almost 7 years. EDT focuses on running activities within Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, helping to connect young people ages 11 to 21 with employers in related industries.

Linda began working on EDT’s ‘Year in Industry’ placement programme, which seeks to place 17-21 year olds with industrial companies to gain valuable workplace experiences over a 9-12 month period.  After 2 years in this role, Linda moved onto the Engineering Education Scheme, a 6 month real-life engineering project aimed at 16-17 year olds and supported by industry mentors.

Linda’s role, at first, was to bring in new companies and partner them with local schools - overseeing the smooth running of the links, for both companies and schools.  After a further 2 years, Linda was asked to head up the Engineering Education Scheme for EDT in the South West of England, focusing on company engagement and tasked with encouraging employers to get involved with the Engineering Education Scheme, Linda also focused her efforts on the expansion of the number of schools engaged and the types of schools that would partner or link with these companies. 

Over the past three years, Linda has grown the number of employers involved with the Engineering Education Scheme across the South West of England by 33%. This increase was achieved by fostering good relations with companies and schools, as well as through bringing new companies onboard.  In 2015, the Engineering Education Scheme is celebrating 30 years, having provided over 30,000 engineering experiences for young people since it began in 1984, Linda has been a crucial component in the support of a campaign to publicise the scheme’s success and longevity.