Mats Hanson
Mats Hanson
Mats Hanson has a long history of experience in both science, engineering and education. With his extensive involvement in teaching and research, Mats is responsible for developing the graduate educational programs including the learning infrastructure at Skoltech. His passion for experiential learning and helping researchers become better educators are key in advancing Skoltech as a research, education and innovation center and a university.
Before Mats came to Skoltech, he had been an active professor in Mechatronics. At the same time, he helped create the Learning Labs, a collaboration between his previous university of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stanford University, Uppsala University and Karolinska Institute. These Labs stress education within the field of engineering education research and development by helping scientists become better educators in order to share their knowledge. Mats quickly rose through the ranks at the Royal Institute of Technology, holding positions first as the Dean of KTH School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, in which he created the first Bachelor and Master’s programs according to the Bologna structure at KTH. He then became the vice-rector of education at KTH, where he acted as the leader of academics as well as oversaw and developed education programs and learning infrastructure.
Besides education, Mats has been contributing to research in mechanical engineering and technology, especially Mechatronics, for the past 38 years. He initiated the CDIO project at KTH in close collaboration with MIT, an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers.
In 1992, Mats became the owner and board member of the Scandinavian Mechatronics AB and he started Playmood AB 2005. With his experience in leadership, academia and research, Mats has served as a leader for national- and EU-projects, a board member in some national organizations and an invited speaker.
Mats Hanson holds a Master’s degree and Tech Licentiate degree in Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics from KTH.